All of us have a stereotype when it comes to cosmetics that you need to buy expensive to get the optimum products. Ladies that’s a biased opinion, you can get your beauty essentials from the supermarket or drug store. They have some breathtaking cosmetic products using which you will wonder, why all those past years you have been spending $50 plus on an item that can comes in just $10 or $5. You won’t regret a minute spending with us and there is no useless talk just the talk of the product. So let’s get started



The lipsticks aren’t just about covering your lips with a colorful shade. A perfect lip needs nourished lips and a lip liner. No matter how much efforts you are of putting while applying lipstick, if you use the lip balms before and give the moisture to the lips, the color on them will look flawless. After you apply the balm, rub with the help of your ring figure and go to the lip liners. Apply a sleek outer boundary on your lips and fill in with your lip color. This will make your lips pop up. If you have small lips apply glossy lipsticks, to make your lips stand out. The lipsticks to try are Dose of colors liquid matt, KVD vegan beauty


Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter

The best contouring is done with the help of bronzer. These three go side by side on the cheek so I thought let’s talk about them together. The best of these three is in creamy texture. If you get a loose powder or stick, you will get the result but still, it won’t give you the amazing result cream products do. Talk about bronzer we know the Physicians Formula’s creamy bronzer has been the choice of many makeup artists the passing year. Next, you have got the Maybelline fit me powder, they have got so many colors, it’s a face powder but, has those classic bronzer shades, that you are going to love. The Physicians formula Apricot glow is my favorite, it’s natural and perfect. ELF has another amazing blush. Highlighter looks best in those rusty colors. Too much yellow and silver gives a look of eye shadow and not high lighter. Flower beauty day glow stunner high lighter work out well for me.



Foundation is base of any makeup. It depends upon how it has been spread on your face and how your final look will come out. Don’t forget to put foundation on the neck, otherwise, you face will look painted. Choose the skin exact matching shade; if the shade will be different you will not at all get the desired results. Next, you need to spread it, evenly to your cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and neck. The best foundation you can get easily is Flower light illusion, it comes in numerous shades and you can find the match. Revlon is back in the game with its newly launched products such as Photo ready candid, it’s living up to its name and gives a flawless face. Maybelline Urban cover with SPF 50 is a good go for summer. It’s light and gives you good coverage.


Makeup Powder

Once you have got all those layers of makeup on your skin you probably don’t want it to fall out in the piece. Although I have suggested you before going for creamy makeup as it stays put for long. But if you have oily skin and afraid to use them then, you will switch with powder right! Don’t do that. I mean trust me on this creamy products give the best effect on all skin tones and if you want to get rid of the oil in them you can bake with the face powder. You can go for the loose powder rather than going for pressed ones. But make sure they are talc-free. You don’t need the talc on your face.