The bathroom is the most useful yet very underrated space in our house which is often overlooked for its decoration. Sure the main p`urpose of the bathroom is to use the toilet or take a shower, but it’s incredibly important to have all the right accessories and gadgets in that space which are equal parts important and necessary. While we all have the basic products in our bathroom such as towel racks, toilet cleaning brushes, and all such stuff which can easily be found on every person’s average list but your bathroom can also use some really incredible and smart accessories that can make the space more functional, comfortable and spacious not only for you but for your guests as well. Investing in some cool bathroom accessories can completely transform the way your bathroom looks, feel or smell and turn it into a space that is more fun and a whole lot cooler. Also, all these accessories won’t be breaking your bank especially when it involves amazon which is known to offer really affordable prices, good deals, offers, and discounts.


A toilet paper holder with shelf

While you may already have a toilet paper in your bathroom, but this toilet paper holder is nothing like your average piece. It not only serves as a holding tool for your toilet paper but also provides with an additional space to hold your phone. The holder comes with a little shelf on the top of it which provides just enough amount of place to set your phone on. One can easily install this toilet paper holder by themselves. If you’re installing it in your guest bathroom, you are surely going to receive many compliments for your smart and genius purchase. Also, it’s a great investment for those who like using phones in the bathroom.


A memory foam bath rug

A bath mat is an important element in the bathroom. It not only acts as great water absorbent but also helps to spruce up the look of your bathroom. A memory foam bath rug is not only known to absorb water very rapidly but it also feels very soft and cushiony to touch that will feel great to your feet. They also help to add a sense of elegance and luxury into your bathroom which will work favorably for its overall aesthetic. Whether you’re stepping out of your shower, blow-drying your hair or doing your makeup, with this memory foam bath right underneath your feet, everything will feel more comfortable and easy.


A toilet spray

To make sure that your bathroom keeps smelling amazing all the time it’s important to have a toilet spray in that space. It can be a total game-changer for you and your guests and every time you will enter your bathroom, you wouldn’t have any idea what did the other person just do. Before you do all that business in the bathroom, make sure to spray the surface of the water and it will basically trap all the odor below its heavenly smelling oil layer. You can search the product by looking for ‘before you go toilet spray’.


A hanging shower caddy

Who doesn’t like their rooms to be more functional and spacious? Well, we are assuming that everybody does. Your bedroom, kitchen, living room aren’t the only rooms in your house that should meet all your needs, the bathroom can also use some genius and smart tools that can make the space look more functional and spacious. If you’re dealing with storage problems in your bathroom, you definitely should consider investing in a hanging shower caddy that provides you with an additional storage space. You can hang it on your shower which you can further use to store all your products including soap, shampoo, razor, and all such stuff.


Waterproof note pad

Now, this may sound a little silly to some and some might just think who in the world would want to write something on their note pad in the shower. Well, we totally understand how you all feel, but in case if you didn’t know, most of the ideas start generating in our mind while we shower and all those things there were pretty important to remember lose sight of them the minute we enter out of the shower. Yes, this happens with a lot of us. And to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, you can consider purchasing a waterproof note pad that you can stick to the wall. An oil pencil and mountable sturdy suction cups will also come along with the product.
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