Isn’t that weird we want to apply makeup but also want it to look as if we haven’t applied any. With all the Instagram feeds showcasing the ultra- glam look, no-makeup look is still very fresh. Obsessed with Hollywood’s no-makeup selfies, we too try getting our hands-on the “blessed naturally” makeup look but ladies it’s not that easy.
For creating a no-makeup look on everyday basis you require some legit products that are specially designed to master the No-Makeup look. With so many products in the market it becomes quite difficult for us to pinpoint the products that will match our preference and most importantly our skin.

Don’t worry you have clicked on the right feed. Here, we have listed the go-to products that just compliment your “no-makeup makeup” look.



The key step in creating a “No-Makeup Makeup look” is prepping your skin right. So, that your skin behaves properly with whatever you apply on it later. By prepping your skin we mean using a good moisturizer that provides a healthy, soft and supple skin. The one we recommend is cult-favorite moisturizer The Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Moisturizer. It’s a great moisturizer that holds the moisture in your skin for a longer time and not to forget its lightweight too so, even oily-skin beauties can also use it.

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No matter if you are creating a “No-Makeup Look” you can’t escape a Primer. It’s essential for every makeup. So, we don’t think that you’re unfamiliar to the Primers. You know the drill. They just create a barrier between your skin and the products you use. In that way the product will not clog your pores and keep all the skin problems at bay. Primers also provide a smooth surface making your foundations glide smoothly on the skin.
Though with so many primers and each one targeting different concerns we have listed an all-in-one primer that is just so good. It’s none other than the Lancôme La Base Pro Oil Free Primer.

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When creating a no-makeup look we recommend you to go with a very light formula that is easy to blend giving your skin a natural finish. BB and CC creams are the best in creating a “No-Makeup look”. The formula is light, coverage is natural, and blends seamlessly.
We even recommend that if you’re looking for a daily coverage base you should ditch those heavy foundations in case you don’t want to welcome huge skin problems and switch to more light everyday purpose BB or CC creams. The one recommend by us is far the best CC creams in the market the IT Cosmetics CC cream and it has a SPF too so you need not to buy any extra sunscreens.

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Even if it’s a no-makeup look you can’t just escape your brows. Your brows are very potent when it comes in framing your face. They are really important part of any makeup look. You will notice that filling your brows instantly fills and uplifts your face making your eyes look way more attractive.
So, the key in filling your brows while doing a natural makeup is to use light strokes. We recommend you to use one of the best selling brow pencil The Benefit’s Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and fill your brows in light, feathery upward strokes. Remember to go one shade lighter than your natural brows color to give a more subtle look to your brows.

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Two-in-One Lip & Cheek Tint

When you want to create a natural makeup look ditch those heavy formula lip colors and swap them with more natural and light weight formula i.e. Tints. Now, tints work in two ways. They can be applied both on the lips and the cheeks.
For giving your cheeks a natural flushed look you can use a soft pink tint on the apple of your cheeks. Giving it an illusion of naturally pink cheeks. The one we recommend is the best-selling tint in the market The Benetint by Benefit and you won’t believe it just stays on the place whole day long, eliminating any touch-up.

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