Newborn babies with those sweet little tiny hands and feet are possibly the cutest thing that can ever be here on this planet. While we may enjoy playing with them and baby seating them but you should ask the new mothers who have just given birth to a baby. Looking after a newly born baby for the first few months is the hardest as well as possibly the best job any mother could do. As much as we have a soft spot for those cute snuggly babies, the new mother needs equal pampering and attention too as it was her who did most of the job bringing the sweet little baby into this world. While motherhood is one of the best and beautiful things that can happen to any woman, but those long and sleepless nights can easily take a toll on any woman and the least we can do is to make her feel special and pampered all together. This is the reason we decided to come up with this article and provide you with some ideas about what all you can gift to the new mothers in your life.


New mom gift basket

This huge gift basket comes with different customized items containing; a jute door hanger, saying ‘shhh… Baby sleeping, a hair tie saying ‘mom hair don’t care’, a ‘tired as a mother’ glass votive candles, one ‘hello, I’m new here’ baby one piece, a lip balm and a flat note card. Well with so many products in the market, which all the new moms can truly relate to, we certainly don’t think that you can find any better gift basket to give her. You can get a few things customized on the website.
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Aveeno baby and mommy gift set

All the new moms will really appreciate all the gifts that have anything to do with skincare and bathing products. All the products that arrive in the package are everything that a new mother needs for her baby’s bath. It also comes with a special gift for moms which they can use to pamper themselves such as body lotion and moisturizer. Each and every product in this gift set is very gentle and can easily be used on both baby and mommy.
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Comfy PJ set

The first few months for new moms can be pretty exhausting and overwhelming. And during that time, comfy clothes are all that they need to make themselves feel at ease and relaxed. As they would be spending most of their time at home looking after their baby, it’s better to give her something that is both practical and useful at the same time. And we certainly don’t think there can be anything more useful and comfy than a cute PJ set in which she can easily maneuver around the house and can also breastfeed her baby easily. Look for a cute PJ set that comes with a button-down shirt and comfy bottoms.
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Microwavable heated slippers

Looking for something that can pamper the new mom? Then you should definitely check these microwavable heated slippers which is one of the most luxurious gifts you can gift to her. New mothers need all the love, care and pampering they can get and these slippers make sure that they get all the feels and make them feel relaxed. These slippers are filled with all-natural grains and dried lavender which provides warmth and comfort to their feet. You can find them in many different colors ranging from cream to grey.
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Mama Bee gift set

If you’re looking to gift her something that doesn’t feel overboard and still is pretty useful for the new mom then you should definitely consider buying this gift for her. Mama bee gift set is a cute tiny package that consists of three products including Burt’s bees lip balm, leg and foot cream, and belly butter. All the products are to be used by the mother which allows them to take care of their skin.
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