Just completed your graduation and you’ve decided to be financially independent. Well, that’s quite amazing entering the 9 to 6 office life is an entirely different world. It’s a new ultra-important life completely different from what was before. With so many challenges and opportunities to show your work competency it’s also the place to look presentable each day.

Entering the workplace can be quite daunting you want to do well; you want to make and keep a good first impression. Besides your qualification certificates what another important thing that casts your impression is how you’re dressed, how well you carry yourself. Workplace is where you’re judged on every single parameter. And we surely want you to slay in that.

Here, are few pieces for your office wardrobe that will surely help you in creating an attractive personality every day. Stockpiling your work wardrobe doesn’t necessarily means you have to be a spendthrift. Just few work essentials and you’re good to go.


A Well-Made Blazer

Blazer is one such staple in your office wardrobe that investing in will make you glad. This is our high-ticket item on the list. A quality blazer is not hard to find. A nicely cut and manufactured blazer can be slimming and fitted from the right places and will not restrict your arms to your sides either.
You can dress up in casual clothes or throw it over a top and nice jeans. This is one piece that you will be able to get by with wearing many times consecutively. It’s great value for money.

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A Nice Professional Accessory- A Watch

Watch is a nice piece of jewelry at the office. Investing in a nice watch is like a total luxury in itself. It is one of few accessories that actually succeed in stepping up with any of your work outfit.
A nice watch gives you a very professional and polished look in a moment. So, we highly recommend you to invest in an elegant yet classy time-piece.

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As much as you like wearing a non-descript dress in the morning, you’ll love to spend most of your working life wearing a comfortable yet stylish work pants.
Every working woman should have a few pieces of work pants in their work wardrobe. You can literally pair them with anything you want. It’s a great investment that you won’t regret with. We recommend you buying from brands that truly focus on designing workwear outfits. Go for not so tight or not so loose fit when buying a work-pant.

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A Pair of Low Heels

Invest in some great pair of low heels that you can walk all day in. As you’ll be wearing them all day at your workplace we suggest you to ditch high-heels as they tend to hurt every second and thus becomes very inappropriate for professional use rather go for low-heels that are more comfortable to carry with. Comfort is a pretty paramount for heels.
Also, go for more neutral colors. Neutral colors mean they’ll go with more outfits thus making you wear them potentially much more often than other colors. This is another workplace staple that we highly recommend you to invest in.

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A Work-Bag

Heading to office you surely need an organized, professional place to keep your MetroCard, house keys, lunch box, and ID badge, and the possibility of having to lug your work computer to and from work. We’re sure these are pretty good reasons to make you invest in a roomy and high-quality work bag.
Your work-bag should be both big enough and smart enough to raise the style quotient of your formal outfits.

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