Talking about honest make-up, you probably would know this brand has been re-launched by Jessica ALBA. The make-up collection is chemical-free means there is no use of Parabens, or synthetic fragrance, moreover, they are not tested on animals. All these add to the plus point of this make-up range, so it’s a must, must try. Now, you have got to know what makes these products better from the other brands let’s get our make-up kit with the help of these.

Face purifier

The first step to apply makeup on your face is to ensure a clean skin. Use the honest beauty gel-to-milk cleanser. This is magical, how when we apply this on the skin and mix it with hot water, it transforms into a milky substance which cleans your face and add nourishment. Next in the line are your serums and eye gel. Apply 2-3 small drops on your face and for eyes use the de-puff eye gel, it has amazing effects on those eye bags. Finally, add some moisturizers for routine days go with ‘Daily Moisturizer’ and the party days go forth with Prime and Perfect Mask.

Face makeup

After getting the perfect canvas, it’s time to put some foundation and blush. Honest has a total of 16 shades of creamy foundation. You won’t find the tube, which means not worrying about squeezing out more quantity. You probably need a brush so you can go for a foundation brush or just work with your figures. You mustn’t spread the foundation everywhere, just cover the blemishes and keep it natural. Coming to the blush you have got two varieties the powder blush and the cream blush. You can get any of the two but our recommended is the creamy blush. These come in those adorable cute little packing. The quality of this product is phenomenal, you can apply is to your eyes cheeks or even your lips they work perfectly well since they are natural you don’t have to worry.


We know mascara is the last thing we with an eye makeup but this mascara comes with a lash primer, which you need to apply on eyelashes before, you begin. Check out their eye shadow palette which has all the eye shadow colors you need, I mean you need an everyday look, a party look, and a formal occasion look. All can be done with this palette, not to forget the smoky eyes. Next is your eyebrow pencil, with this you get a comb and the pencil, match with your skin and go forth. Coming to the eyeliner the brush is slick and the handle is designed for a nice hold. You can get a thick or thin layer of liner on your upper and lower lash. The final item for the eye is mascara, talking about it the eye primer attached long, is going to hydrate your lashes with the crucial vitamins and makes it easy to remove makeup at night. This primer makes sure that your mascara doesn’t look clumsy and maintains its freshness. Coming back to mascara the brush is thin with the perfect curling braces. It makes a perfect curl for your eyes. You can go for this 2 in 1 kit, which will save you some money.

Lippy lips

Honest has literally a lot of variety in this department. Probably because not every girl carries all theses makeup layers on their face every day but do wear lip colors. First, we will start with the magic lip balm; this is Jessica favorite Honest product. She claims to keep it in her bag always and uses it often. Apart from this, you have got the tinted lip balms for the days you don’t want to put on lipstick but nourish your lips applying a natural color. They have seven shades and you can choose which goes best with your skin tone. Next, you have the liquid lip BFF, which have rich creamy texture and the lipstick crayons.

Now it’s time for you to load your makeup kit with these.