Best friends are rare to find and when you have got one in your life, you should leave no chance to make them feel how important and special they are to you. Whether you share an inseparable bond with her or she feels like a literal sister to you, best friends are special and so are their birthdays. And speaking of birthdays, it is one of the many days that can present you with an opportunity to tell your best friend how special she is to you and you would want everything to be perfect on that day including the birthday gift. Although, gifts have a very sentimental value to them but you still would want to make sure that the thing you are gifting to your BFF truly makes her feel special and pampered on her birthday. And if you’re quite struggling with finding the right gift for your best friend that will remind her of you every time, you need to fret not as we have got you covered by listing some of the most fun yet amazing birthday gifts that your girly would absolutely love.


Best friend pillow

Whether you’re in a long-distance friendship with your best friend or sharing the same dorm room, a best friend pillow is probably the cutest thing to give to your best friend. This pillow will always remind her of you no matter how far you are. You can easily find these pillows in many different customizations and depending on the kind of situation you two are in, you can look for the pillow that best matches the current scenario. For instance, if you and your best are in long-distance friendship than you can look for a pillow that has a distance element to it.


Best friend bracelets

We certainly don’t think there can be any better option than these best friend bracelets to make her realize how important she is to you. These bracelets will also keep you reminding of each other. In addition to that, they will not look awkward or any weird worn with your grown-up attires, unlike the ones that you probably made at a summer camp.


A coffee mug

If your best friend dearly loves her morning tea or coffee, then we certainly don’t think there can be other better option for her than a quoted mug. Express your feelings for your best friend through one of these mugs which you can find in plenty of options with each mug quoting different feelings and messages. We assure you, your best friend would feel pretty special after looking at this beautiful mug.


Life planner

This would be quite a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your best friend if she highly believes in keeping things organized and planned. We assure you, she would love this gift and it will keep her reminding of you every time she grabs the planner to plan her day. The best thing about these planners is, you can find them in many different layouts, designs, and themes. Depending on the taste of your best friend, you can get her the one that will suit her personality and style.


A phone case with pop socket

With your best friend having a phone in her hands all the time, you should look for no other option than a phone case with pop socket to gift to your girly. It is not only a very practical thing to do but it is something your BFF would also appreciate. The best thing about these phone cases are, you would be able to find them in endless options in many different designs, color, and patterns.