The way your home is done and decorated tells a lot about your personal style and taste. While some like to follow a certain theme in their rooms, some just like to stick to the basic and keep the rooms to minimal. Well no matter what home decor style you’re into, lighting is something that can be never be compromised in any of the styles. If you ask us, lighting plays a huge part in deciding the vibe and the ambiance of the room. This is why you would never want to keep the rooms deprived of lighting especially when you have so many pretty, fancy lighting options in the market. Lighting as simple as wall sconces can add so much drama to the space and illuminate the room like nothing else. Whether you’re trying to brighten up your space or planning to give it a mini makeover, a good lighting can be a great start.

To help you find the best lighting for your home, we have rounded up a list of 4 interesting ways you can illuminate your room. All the mentioned items can easily be found at World Market’s online store.


Floor lamp

Floor lamps are one of the most underrated home decor products on the market. They don’t get enough credit that they truly deserve. No matter what room you’re trying to spruce up, these floor lamps are known to create their magic in every corner regardless of what style you’re choosing. You can put it in one corner of the room to create a nice and cozy reading corner. Look for a floor lamp that can complement well with the decor of your room. World Market has a plethora of floor lamp options on its website in all different materials, lengths, prices, and colors. Just make sure that the lampshade is generously able to conceal the bulb whether you’re sitting or standing.


Pendant and Chandeliers

If there’s any lighting that can add an infinite elegance and luxe vibe to the room, then hands down it’s the chandelier that is known to have a very attractive appeal to them. And if you’re looking for its best alternative then pendant lighting is no less in terms of its appeal and ability to spruce up the space. Pendants and chandeliers tend to go well in the dining room and the kitchen, which is quite an amazing way to illuminate the area and create the perfect mood. You can easily dramatize your space by hanging a pendant light or chandelier from above the ceiling. World Market has a pretty classy collection of these lightings in varying styles and designs; you can pick the one that matches your style and go well with the decor.


Table Lamp

If you don’t want to go all out and dramatic with chandeliers and pendant lighting then table lamps are a great way to keep things to minimal and still create an illuminating space. Table lamps have a very warm and muted tone to them; they are known to work amazingly well in a bedroom setting owing to their luminous effect. However, you can also choose to play with them by placing them at unexpected corners such as an entryway console table. They will not only help to illuminate the space but will also spruce up the overall appearance of the room. You can find them in so many options at world market’s online stores, ranging from different materials to different styles. No matter what kind of table lamp you’re looking for, world market has pretty much every other style.


Wall Sconces

Struggling with keeping your room neat and decluttered? Fret not, we have got you covered. Starting with your bedside table aka nightstands, most of the people prefer putting table lamps on them which can unnecessarily take up a lot of space. However, you can easily prevent that from happening by swapping these table lamps with wall sconces which are not only a quick and clever way to deal with a cluttered room but it is actually a really stylish choice you make for your bedroom. While they are mostly used in the bedrooms but you can also put them to use at some other places including your living room and dining room as decorative accents. From adjustable wall sconces to beaded ones, world market has an amazing collection of wall sconces at its online store.