How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Written on July 10, 2020 in Beauty

Hair is every woman’s identity and thus our hair deserves a little extra care to shine and bounce. When it comes to hair we all have different hair goals. Some want healthy and shiny hair, some want to get rid of frizz, and some want to grow out their hair and, to accomplish our desired…

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Trending White Dresses on Fashion Sites

Written on June 30, 2020 in Staff Picks

White isn’t just a color for bridal wear, it’s a graceful, magnificent color which represents peace harmony and devotion. It’s a color that is a symbol of goodness and innocence in the human race. We believe that one should wear colors like these often so as to remain in touch with their human-self. Moreover, white…

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Evergreen Black Dresses on Fashionable Store

Written on June 25, 2020 in Staff Picks

Every girl has one or two or maybe more black outfits in their closet. We understand the need for these dresses. Since black is evergreen one cannot get rid of it. Believe me, ladies we all have a special corner for blacks in our hearts and no matter how many we already have, whenever we…

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Best Perfumes to buy from Nordstorm

Written on June 10, 2020 in Staff Picks

Believe it or not, but we all have got a habit of shopping online nowadays. The minute we get any spare time, we start scrolling through the websites in search of products for ourselves. be it clothes, home decor, shoes or beauty products, today finding things are as easy as scrolling through the website, doing…

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Ulta Beauty’s No-Makeup Essentials

Written on May 30, 2020 in Beauty

Isn’t that weird we want to apply makeup but also want it to look as if we haven’t applied any. With all the Instagram feeds showcasing the ultra- glam look, no-makeup look is still very fresh. Obsessed with Hollywood’s no-makeup selfies, we too try getting our hands-on the “blessed naturally” makeup look but ladies it’s…

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Shop The Best Selling Products From Etsy

Written on May 25, 2020 in Staff Picks

Looking for the quirkiest gifts for your people? Well, we would like to tell you that Etsy is one of the most admired online destinations where you can get thousands of varieties of personalized gifts. If you looking for the most stunning and exclusive gifting items then this article will help you to get the…

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