Believe it or not, but we all have got a habit of shopping online nowadays. The minute we get any spare time, we start scrolling through the websites in search of products for ourselves. be it clothes, home decor, shoes or beauty products, today finding things are as easy as scrolling through the website, doing some swipes and clicks and you will have all the items right at your disposal. And the best thing, this all can be done right from the convenience of your home. That being said, the point of this article is not to tell you all good things about online shopping but the best perfumes you can buy from Nordstrom’s online store. While we understand that buying perfumes online without being able to sniff it just seems so bizarre but shopping for them online comes with its own set of benefits. The convenience of buying things virtually is undoubtedly the biggest benefit but the internet also provides you with a platform where you can find good deals and steals. Apart from that, you might also be able to find all the classic and emerging brands that you may not find at the stores.

If you have been looking to buy perfumes online, then Nordstrom is one of the best online shopping websites you can check out to find the best one for yourself. To make it easier for you, we have rounded up a list of some of the best perfumes you can purchase from Nordstrom.


Chance Eau Fraiche eau de toilette spray

Chanel is one of the most iconic brands and it has some of the craziest collection of perfumes in the market. This perfume from Chanel has a very fresh aroma to it with highlighted notes of citrus, water hyacinth, and jasmine. Along with that, the perfume is also incorporated with woody aroma; including notes of fresh vetiver and amber of patchouli. The perfume is neither too strong nor too light; it strikes a perfect balance between the two and has a very crisp and clean fragrance. Just a little bit of it can go a long way, spray it on all the best spots of your body and you’ll be good to go for hours.

Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris Eau de parfum

Are you totally into a fruity and floral fragrance? Then this might just be the right perfume for you which belongs to one of the most well known and reputed brands. This perfume perfectly exudes the passion and romance of Paris, which is known to be the city of love. If you like your perfume to have fruity and floral hints to it and doesn’t want it to feel too strong, then you should definitely consider getting this one for yourself. It is bold and sophisticated at the same time and feels very feminine which is a great thing.

Viktor and Rolf

Flowerbomb Eau de parfum spray

With hints of rose petal and vanilla, this is a perfume spray that explodes with flowers. You can expect the fragrance to be very feminine, sensual and lavish. If you have been looking to buy a perfume with classic floral feel to it, then you should definitely check out this product which is really popular among the masses. The fragrance of this perfume is very pleasing and you’ll never get tired of wearing it.

Le Labo

santal 33 Eau de parfum

If you’re not a big fan of fruity floral and sweet fragrances, then this perfume might just be the one for you. It has a woody and spicy hint to it which can be used by both men and women, making it unisex. You can expect this perfume to last for really long which is a really great thing considering the fact that most of the perfumes don’t stay put for a long time.


twilly d’hermes Eau de parfum

This is one of the most sensual perfumes you can find in the market. The perfume has a warm floral fragrance with hints of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood, this mixture makes the fragrance both spicy and floral at the same time. The intoxicating feel of this perfume is known to uplift your mood. If you have been looking to buy a perfume that has both floral and spicy feel to it, this might just be the right perfume for you.