Our skincare regime is filled with moisturizers that hydrate our skin, eye creams that brightens under eye, sunscreen for UV protection, and serum for that extra glow and care, and that’s it we think this is enough and our skincare ends, Right?

Don’t you think you are missing something major, yes you are: your lips. We reapply lipsticks thousand times in a day and forsake the care that our lips require. With continuous usage of lipsticks and harsh weather, our lips often become dry and lose their natural color. So, don’t you think your skincare regime needs an up-gradation?

Chapped, dry, dark lips here are when lip balms come to the rescue. Like our skin needs the dose of moisture day and night so do our lips. If you are struggling with desert-like lips, or need to give them a little extra care we have rounded up the best lip balms for you. That will not only provide hydration to your lips but will act as treatment.


Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

The lip balm is infused with all the good ingredients coconut oil, sunflower oil, Shea Butter, vitamin E, original beeswax extract, and peppermint oil. This one is a classic lip balm and sometimes you can’t beat the classics. It is a nourishing lip hydrator that hydrates your lips for more than 5 hours.

It not only provides the right hydration to your lips but also acts as a treatment for them. It replenishes your lips that help in restoring the natural color and softness of the lips. And you know what’s the best part is, on the days when you want to ditch your lipsticks and go natural you can apply this lip balm as it is a tinted one. The lip balm is available in plenty of shades so that you can choose what color you like.

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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Nothing cares for your lip as this product does. This Korean skincare product is the most raved out product when it comes to lip balms. A leave-on lip mask that soothes and moisturizes for smoother, more supple lip overnight. It is the best solution for fine lines, dryness, and dark lips. The lip mask has a softening balm texture that closely adheres to lips for quick absorption.

The lip mask is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants that offer quenching the thrust of our dry, dehydrated lips. The product has a sweet and mild fragrance of raspberry and strawberry. Apply this at night and wake up to the lips that feel refreshed and supple.

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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

This hydrating lip balm is enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants to heal cracked and chapped lips. Grapefruit and ginger refresh and soothe, while shea butter and avocado oil soften and conditions lips. Vitamin E, green tea extract, and antioxidants help protect lips from damage by free radicals.

This balm is infused with SPF 25 that gives perfect sun protection to your lips. An emollient balm soothes, relieves dry, chapped, and treats damaged, irritated lips.

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Dior Lip Glow

Enriched with hydrating mango butter this cult-favorite color-reviver lip balm reacts to the unique chemistry of each person’s lips for a natural flush of custom color on each skin tone.
This lip glow strikes the perfect balance between lip color and lip care. This sheer lip balm gives a pure color that makes it ideal for everyday use and care that your lips require. It enhances the natural color of your lips while making them look fresh, hydrated, and radiant.

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